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Hello and welcome to the Calder Rescue Webpage

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding booking for an event, either email info@calderrescue.co.uk or use the contact box lower down the page.​

We work to Motorsport UK's blue book standards and have added additional workings from NHS ambulance and Fire & Rescue services, such as JESIP and additional skills training, to continue operating to the best of our abilities. 

We are also available to consult with and cover your motorsport events, anything from Karting, Hillclimbs, Stage Rally, Off-road, Gravity Racing, Cycling and beyond. We also offer bespoke training for your motorclub's marshals and community groups.

Get in touch to book us or to find out more of what we can do for you.

Also there are links on the page for our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Give us a follow and see what we get up to at events.

A word from the Crew Chief

Calder Rescue is a Motorsport Rescue outfit formed and licensed on the 9th May 1990, formed by Richard, Taff, Glynn and Steve and has been popular with it's customers ever since.

Originally manned by the ‘four lads in the red transit’, over time through Calder’s life we have trained and licenced many Rescue crew members, right up to the current line-up.​

We have been seen by competitors as a comfort knowing that they will be in good hands should the worst happen, but as with every event if everybody leaves the stage shiny side up we are all happy.  

Throughout the year, we'll be adding to our repertoire by offering cover for other types of events alongside our motorsport rescue services, along with new tooling, techniques and skills brought into the group.​

Keep informed of Calder Rescue's events via the usual social media pages throughout the year as we let the dust settle on the changes made and continue to fly the flag as Calder Rescue."​

Ellie Smith - Crew Chief

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